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Post details: Do You Know If You've Been A Part of a Scam?!

April 25, 2012

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Do You Know If You've Been A Part of a Scam?!

The world is FULL of scams. People get a hold of your email, home address, or phone number, and act as a representatives from prestigious companies we all know and deal with. Each and everyday these scams are out there, you just need to know how to spot them!

* We just want to keep our customers informed about what is going around! *
One example:
"Nokia is giving out their annual award and YOUR special email was selected! They want you to fill out a form, with your private information, so they can send you some more information on how to receive the money you just won. The email address looks sketchy, the wording and grammar just doesn't look right, and they want you to send it all the way to the UK! Not to mention the email is sloppy, but they do have a picture of the director, but don't falter... you could find all this if you 'Googled it.' The dead giveaway that this is a scam, is that they want you to keep this information to yourself. They do not want you to tell anyone you won money..."
A tad bit sketchy, huh!? I'm so sure you'd see right through this :)

Besides Internet scams, there are also, what some would call, person-to-person scams. These are people showing up at your door, or calling you on the phone, trying to "help" you with your computer problems. You may not even think you HAVE a computer problem, but they might try to convince you otherwise.

Most recently one came in through the Emmetsburg Chamber.
"A young man came to an older gentleman's door, claiming to have been from Sprint Media Design, and needing to access his computer to 'fix it.' The guy went as far to give him a phone number to call for verification. But when he went to call, he received a message saying, 'this number is not accepting call.' He would need to Skype, allowing the guy on his computer anyway."

People involved in scams are very creative, and can find ways to get into your accounts. This is in no way to scare you, but to inform you that there are all kinds of scams out there and everyone needs to be on their toes.

If you ever have any questions dealing with a scam, do not be afraid to ask! NEVER give in and give our your personal information!



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