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So, ask yourself:

  • Do you ever feel as if your incoming calls aren't being answered quickly, and by the correct personnel?

  • Do you wish your voice mail greeting would change automatically when you leave the building, and again when you return?

  • Are you missing out on what your current phone system can do because you misplaced the manual or your system is just too complicated to program?
If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you should consider a made-to-order telecommunications solution from Northwest Communications and ESI.


IP Solutions

To take full advantage of IP Solutions, make the right choice: IP solutions from ESI.

What IP Solutions can do for you.

With remote IP phones, your office extensions can "extend" to virtually any off-site location with broadband access.

IP Solutions enable numerous capabilities that can reduce costs for organizations.

  • Easier Installation
  • Multi-Site Communications
  • Remote IP Solutions

ESI Media Management

An organization depends on its ESI Communications Server for such critical functions as call handling and voice mail. But you can gain a much better handle on your organization and reduce many inherent risks by capturing, storing, and analyzing the enormous amount of data that comes through your ESI system. The is the essence of ESI Media Management.

Once your ESI Communications Server is equipped with at least one ESI Application Services Card, authorized users may then use the ESI Media Manager PC application to access the following types of data:

  • Audio Call Logs
  • System Call Activity
  • Video Recordings
  • Building Access Records

ESI Communications Servers

An ESI Communications Server works harder so your team can work smarter.

  • Unique Message Handling
  • Auto Attendant or Live Voice
  • Shared-Office Tenanting
  • Intelligent Caller ID
  • Automatic Call Distribution Made Easy.
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding™
  • Multi-Site Networking Options
  • Convenient IP Phone Choices
  • Data Redundancy
  • ESI-Exclusive Virtual Answer
  • Easy, Secure Maintenance & Updates
  • Standards-Based Design

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