DSL Internet Application

RESIDENTIAL Internet Plans
All Residential Plans include: Equipment, 5 emails, virus filtering, spam filtering on primary email, and Family Web Filter.
BUSINESS Internet Plans
All Business Plans include: Equipment, 10 emails, virus filtering, spam filtering on primary email, and Family Web Filter.
Installation & Speed Terms
Call for higher speeds. Availability will be determined by a site survey. Customers with critical requirements, such as hospitals, governmental agencies and large organizations, please call for pricing. Direct circuits are available in most areas. Standard Installation includes installation of wireless equipment and connection to one computer for $75.00. Customers may use their own wireless router. Please notify the representative if you have your own device. If you don’t own a wireless router and would like wireless access, Northwest Communications will provide equipment to you at no cost. The equipment will be owned and maintained by Northwest Communications. Installations that require extraordinary time or resources will be billed an additional charge. Customer will be informed of charges prior to installation. Customers requiring connection of two or more computers will be charged an hourly rate, plus additional materials. Monthly service charge includes use of Northwest's antenna and transceiver equipment. Ownership is retained by Northwest Communications.
Service Address
Billing Address
Wireless Router
Buddy Program
If a current Northwest Communications internet customer has referred you to Northwest Communications, they will receive a $50 Visa gift card. The Buddy credit will be given once your Internet service has been installed and in service for 3 months. ENTER THE NAME OF YOUR BUDDY IN THE SPACE ABOVE. Some restrictions may apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Northwest Communications has the right to end this promotion at any point in time.
Family Web Filter
Family Web Filter is included with your internet subscription. More information about this service.
Tech Home
Web security, anti-virus, file backup, parental controls, password keeper and more! More information about this service.
Current Email Address
NCN.NET Email Address
Email address must be sixteen characters or less with no punctuation. If address and/or password is unacceptable or unavailable, one will be chosen for you.
Password Requirements
Minimum 8 characters, maximum 512 characters. At least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character. Special characters allowed are as follows: @ - _ . $ , % & ! # *
Computer System
Minimum Requirements: Memory: 512 MB of RAM; PC OS: Windows XP; MAC OS: OSX; Must have an ethernet card. Recommended: Memory: 1 GB or More; PC OS: Windows Vista or 7; MAC OS: OSX 10.6 We do not support any PC operating system older than Windows XP.
Payment Information
Customer Service Agreement
I understand and acknowledge that continued use of Northwest's Services constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and other important policies posted on Northwest's website www.ncn.net. I agree it is my responsibility to read these policies and comply fully with their terms. I further understand the policies and pricing of Northwest's Services may change from time to time upon 30 days notice. The Service is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF TITLE OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If service is cancelled, customer agrees to return equipment in working order within 10 business days or pay an equipment charge of $100-$800.
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