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Virus & Spam Filtering: Email Assurance
Email AssuranceImmediately start blocking offensive and annoying junk e-mail that clutters your inbox. Once you activate spam filtering, you'll have access to easy-to-use custom filters that let you personalize them to meet your family's unique needs. On a regular basis, you'll receive an e-mail that summarizes the amount of messages quarantined in your private message center - a web site where you can sort and review the quarantined e-mail messages, as defined according to your personal filters.

What to expect from your new spam filtering service:

  1. You will be emailed a Spam Digest that includes the suspect email in your personal quarantine. Only suspect email that has arrived since the previous digest is included. Your email administrator determines how often this digest is delivered.
  2. Review the contents of the Spam Digest. If you see a message you want, simply click the Release button to send it to your email inbox. There is no need to delete the unwanted email you see in your Spam Digest.
  3. You can adjust your personal email filter settings or search your quarantine by visiting your Personal Dashboard. A link is provided in each Spam Digest that will take you to the Personal Dashboard.

After using the service for some time, the filters intelligently adapt and become increasingly more accurate - up to 95% accurate!!

Arrow Get E-mail Spam Filtering on your first 5 email accounts for free
value of $3 per month!

ArrowE-mail Virus Filtering is FREE and included in your Internet service!

Family Web Filter
Young boy with laptop computerBlock unwanted web sites. Family Web Filter blocks unwanted web sites from being seen, and keeps children from objectionable sites. You can be automatically protected from fast-moving, undesirable web sites. Since 70% of the web sites published have negative content, web filtering is the most convenient and affordable way to be protected from ever-increasing negative content.

There is no software to install or learn, no hardware to buy, and no downloading – we do all of that for you.

A European Commission that invested 7.1 man-years testing Internet filters recently ranked Family Web Filter "Number 1" worldwide in filtering effectiveness. Their library of categories is one of the oldest and most complete in the filtering industry. Each day a combination of automatic "crawler" technology and human verification seek out, verify and categorize unwanted websites. Each night library updates are downloaded to the provider to ensure that the most up-to-date listing of websites is available to filter unwanted content.

Categories that can be blocked include: 
Arrow Alcohol
Arrow Alternative
Arrow Journals
Arrow Anarchy
Arrow Automobile
Arrow Banner Ads
Arrow Chat
Arrow Criminal Skills
Arrow Cults/Gothic
Arrow Drugs
Arrow Employment
Arrow Entertainment
Arrow Financial
Arrow Free Hosts
Arrow Gambling
Arrow Games
Arrow Hate & Discrimination
Arrow Humor
Arrow Lifestyle
Arrow Magazine
Arrow News
Arrow Obscene/Tasteless
Arrow Personals/Dating
Arrow PG-17
Arrow Pornography
Arrow R-Rated
Arrow Self-Help
Arrow Search Engines
Arrow Shopping
Arrow Sports
Arrow Streaming Media
Arrow Tickets
Arrow Travel
Arrow Web-based E-mail
Arrow Web-based Newsgroups
Arrow Web-based Proxies
Arrow Web-based Storage
Free for Internet customers! Free for Internet customers at the time of installation. $25 charge for adding or removing after installation of internet.

Get both E-mail Filtering and Web Filtering

Service Includes:
Arrow Prescanned e-mails Arrow Protection from Viruses
Arrow Block unwanted web sites Arrow Easy site login to view all e-mails before delivered to your inbox

Additional Benefits:

E-mail Virus Protection
Every e-mail user should use a powerful virus protection service - neglecting to do so could endanger your system and information stored on it.

Activating our Virus Protection service will automatically protect you from fast-spreading e-mail viruses - and you don't have to do one thing. Behind the scenes, Trend Micro synchronizes and maintains our virus pattern files to ensure that you're being protected from the very latest viruses.

Once a virus is detected, you'll be immediately notified via e-mail that a virus-infected message has been quarantined in your private, web-based message center. You'll be able to safely view the contents of the message with no risk to your system or your data.

To sign up, call 800-249-5251 or sign up online

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