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Q: If I have a web site, can I find out who is coming to my site?
A. Unless you ask visitors to sign in or to sign up for a drawing or mailing list, you cannot tell exactly who is visiting your web site.  However, if your web site is stored on our servers, there are tools that allow you to see how many visitors are coming to your site, with plenty of details including what site referred them, what phrases they searched for, and what ISP they were using.
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Q. I have several items that I would like to sell online.  Do you have a system for me?
A. We offer shopping cart systems that allow you to sell many products, while keeping them organized through categories and search capabilities.  These systems can be used alone or can be a great addition to a current web site.
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Q. I would like to sell a few items on my website, but I don’t have enough products for a full shopping cart system.  Is there an option for me?
A. Yes, there is.  If you have just a few items to sell (a dozen or less is recommended), we can set you up with a PayPal shopping cart on your current or new web site.  While you would need PayPal in order to receive payments, the customer would not need PayPal in order to make purchases.
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Q. Do I get email with my web site?
A. If we host your web site, you can get custom email addresses using your domain name.  You can either have these as completely new addresses, or have your mail forwarded to an existing account.  If you don’t have your mail forwarded, you can either check your email using a mail client such as Outlook, or you can check it from a web page.
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Q. Can you put a hit counter on my homepage?
A. A traditional hit counter can be added to your site, though we do not recommend it, as hit counters can be extremely inaccurate, and that type of information should be kept private. However, our servers have more detailed, private, and more accurate ways to track and display your traffic statistics, which only the site owner may view.

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