Surveillance...it's more than just video

A Surveillance Solutions system provides a host of benefits that protect both the company and its employees.

Surveillance systems protects the company’s assets and their employees. From recording criminal activity to making sure their employees made it safely to their vehicles after a long days work, the company can ensure the safety of all of their important assets. Not only does a Surveillance system in the work place keep our employees safe, it can improve their productivity.

  • Efficient Time Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Customer Records
  • Improved Employee Performance
  • Protect Company & Employees
  • High Image Quality
  • Cost-Effectiveness


Providing the market’s largest portfolio of network cameras and accessories for enhancing your system, showcasing all types of cost-effective camera systems designed for all types of businesses.
  • Fixed Network Cameras
  • Fixed Dome Network Cameras
  • PTZ Dome Network Cameras
  • Thermal Network Cameras
  • Accessories


Many network video products are designed for tough environments. Network cameras and video encoders can be resistant to dust, vibrations, humidity, and vandalism. Automatic day to night functions ensures good image quality regardless of the time of day - outdoors as well as indoors. Thermal network cameras enable operators to detect people, things, and incidents.


  • Camera Companions
  • Hosted Video
  • Camera Station
  • Video Encoders
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